~miss maddie- the crochet doll~

I’ve crocheted many project over the last few years, but even though I’ve made many a crochet snail,

like this one,


and a mouse,


..a couple monkeys


and even a cow


I had never made a doll. So recently I went doll pattern hunting. I found  basic one and gave it a try. Didn’t like it much, so I set about tweaking and remaking and many stitches, and a lot of yarn hair later, I came out with this-

110_0937                                            May I present Miss Maddie the doll.

Being my very first, completely completed doll, I thought she deserved a photo shoot.




Ain’t she cute?

I have a couple more dolls in progress. I’m thinking of sewing a dress for the next one, instead of crocheting.

More later!



~beach day~

We spent a lovely day at the beach this week. Now I, personally, am more of a pool person (anybody besides me wanting an in-ground pool?).  I love those clear, chlorinated containers of water. You know, unsalted water. Calm, still water. Where waves don’t sneak up on you sending water up your nose and into your eyes. Empty water. Where you can see the bottom at all times. No worry about unknown things swirling around you that are just waiting to brush up against your legs and send you into conniptions. The ocean can be a dangerous place! I mean, you never hear of sharks or jellyfishes in a pool, right? (alligators, occasionally, yes) And let’s not even mention the flesh eating bacteria..  All in all, I think you would agree, pools are safer than the beach. Having said that though, I do like the beach. Not the salt in the eyes, or the unknown creatures swimming out in it’s dark depths, but it is beautiful, and with a boogie board, the waves can be fun. So the sisters and I packed up our sunblock, and boogie boards, and beach towels, and, stopping on the way for pizza and an umbrella, we headed to the beach!   110_0888 Gotta say, it turned out to be the perfect day for it. Sunny and hot, but with a nice breeze blowing every so often. 110_0887 Beautiful water. Hiding dozens of man eating sharks I’m sure. 110_0904 110_0899 110_0902 110_0910 Saw this dog out walking on the beach. Yes, in case you’re wondering, there was a person on the other end of the leash walking him, but I just wanted the dog in the picture. 110_0889 The new beach umbrella. I just have to say, beach umbrellas are fabulous things. I had never used one before, but now I believe beach trip supplies aren’t complete if they don’t include one of these. 110_0897 And here we have a blue noodle. And yes, I took this to the beach. As a matter of fact, I bought it on the way to the beach specifically so I could take it to the beach. Paid three whole dollars for that thing! I do believe I was the only person on the beach to have one….but it was worth it, $3 and all. Totally worth it. 110_0908 After the beach we stopped and got donuts. Can I just hear one big collective sigh of  envy? *siiiiiigh* But funny thing..there are no pictures of donuts…it’s like they never existed…and if there’s no evidence of them existing, than it’s like they didn’t exist, so us eating them didn’t count, right?? Well, it’s a nice thought.

Anyway, start with a beautiful sunny day, and in water, donuts, and a new blue noodle and how could it not be good? And to make it even better, I didn’t get sunburned!