Hey folks!

How was your Thanksgiving? Sometimes I forget that Thanksgiving, on the 4th Thursday in November, is only an American holiday (I mean, who wouldn’t want an excuse to eat more food than you need? [as if I don’t do that already] ;-D ), but this year we actually had our little bit of extended British family here for their very first American Thanksgiving.  We had all the normal stuff, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, rolls and just generally more food than could fit on our plates. The green bean casserole seemed to be of particular interest. Apparently they’d never seen that dish made. But they said everything tasted delicious.

Unfortunately for them, though, they chose to come in a lazy year for me, I couldn’t rally the  motivation to make pies. So the pies were store bought. Not homemade. Aaw well. Perhaps better luck for them another year.

My personal favorite of the Thanksgiving menu is the stuffing, I think..but I like it best with the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

So I know that it is “officially” Christmas season now, what with Thanksgiving being over and finished, and black Friday past, so I should be posting pictures of Christmassy things, but here are a few pictures of some fabric pumpkins I made.

This it’ll be my last fall post.

From here on out it’ll be Christmas stuff.

I promise.