This is a very over-due post. I meant to post this project before Easter, but, as you have probably gathered, that didn’t happen. Insert moment of tears here.  SOOoo…yeah. But hey, even though the pictures have Easter eggs in them, I hope you still enjoy this bunny. And you can always make him for NEXT Easter! (not that you need to wait that long by any means. Go ahead and make him this weekend!)

Look at that little pink nose.





And let’s not forget his adorable little tail.


I was really happy with how well his pieces went together. Sometimes I have a hard time sewing the arms and things on my creations, taking multiple tries sometimes, but this little fella come together so nicely! Makes me like him all the more. 🙂

If you’re interested in making your own little bunny the pattern can be found here.

Have a beautiful day everyone!



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