~twas a dark and stormy day…~

So how’s it going, out there in the big wide weberspace? Here at home it is gray, and wet, and apparently there’s a chance of tornadoes around here…. Isn’t that enough to make a person feel happy and cheerful? ;-D

Here where we live, the weather literally changes overnight sometimes. It was definitely on the cool side yesterday, so when I woke up this morning, and my room’s chilly, and the weather out the window is looking rather ominous, I naturally assumed it was a snuggly clothes type of day. So on went my leggings, and skirt, and snuggly sweatshirt, and rain boots, and coat, and scarf, and out the door I start to go, when suddenly, WHAM. It’s like summer just dropped in to say hi. WHERE did it come from? @_@

6373ed17a30bf753fad4bd76502007ee (2)
I might have put on too much….(photo credits pinterest)


Not that I’m complaining, but do you know how ridiculous it feels to go out quite obviously over -dressed? Walking my dog around and all the neighbors peering out their windows and secretly chuckling to themselves “hahaha, SOMEONE obviously didn’t know how to get dressed this morning”. Least, that’s what I imagine happens. In all reality, most of them are probably at work. But STILL. Oh well. I did ditch the scarf on the back porch though.

And hey, I out found out I don’t have to go to work this afternoon because of the bad weather, so it’s a holiday!

Long and short, the moral of this post is, Check the weather before going out the door in the morning.

You’re welcome.



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