~it’s been a while~

Can you believe it? It’s getting to the middle of October already! Where we are, the past couple weeks has been one long, continuous time of grey skies and rain. No flooding or anything, thankfully, and happily the sun has come back out to grace us with it’s presence! Sadly though,  I guess I must finally admit it. summer’s really and truly over. *sigh*

But that’s not all bad news, there’s always the hope of fall camping to look forward to, and the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas, mmmmmmm! ), and visiting with family.  Possibly a trip to the mountains too.

Even though I wasn’t quite ready to bid summer a total, final farewell, I am excited about fall and winter. So much to look forward to!

So yeah…it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. 😦 I’ve had ideas and pictures for blog posts….buuuutt…somehow I just haven’t been able to get them together into anything yet. I guess I’ve been suffering from a typing block.

But I’m back! Complete with pictures of my new doll that I mentioned I would be working on a couple posts back. Yeah, yeah, I didn’t exactly get pictures of it put up soon, but in my own defense, this doll took me a while.  Even my family noticed. They were like, you’ve been working on that one longer than most things. “You noticed? @_@” Hahahaha! Anyway, here she is.

101_1229 Miss LuLu.

Now a side view.


And up close.


When it comes to crocheting, (anything, actually) I have a short attention span, (which is why most the projects you will see on this blog are small, relatively fast ones) and this doll, due to her being larger than most things I make, and the hair curls, nearly surpass my limits. As I was in the middle of making her, I was thinking I. am. NEVER. making this pattern AGAIN. But after I finished her, she was so cute that I’m actually wanting to make another one. 😀

Here is the free pattern I used for her if you care to give it a go. I generally stick to using realistic colors when I’m making dolls, but since it was my first time making this one, I decided to stick with the quirky color combination idea from the original doll. Hence the bright pink hair. I was really afraid I was going to regret that color choice, but in the end, I really liked it!

Let’s see….a few final thoughts on the pattern, I added her little nose (it wasn’t included in the pattern), and when I made her hair, (not the ringlets, but the cap part) it came out too big when I was following the pattern. Not sure if I made a mistake while reading the instructions, (probably) or if there was a mistake in the pattern….but either way, that wasn’t too hard to fix.

If I make this pattern again what color hair should I do?

Hope you’re having a beautiful Autumn day!



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