~am I the only one?~

I come to you today to admit that I am a crazy crafter and that I might have a problem with overpacking.

Am I the only one who packs five skeins of yarn, and a whole shopping bag of stuffing for an hour car ride? (granted, it was an hour each way so that actually makes two hours. but still.) Five skeins folks. Five.

It was a ride to and from the airport for goodness sakes, not a trip to the moon! And a whole shopping bag full of poly-fil stuffing? Really?

Did I really think I was going to need all that?? That I was really going to be that productive? That my little fingers with the crochet hook were really going to move that fast?

I can’t even take comfort in the fact at least I’m a stylish, over-prepared crafter. My stuffing was being carted around in a plastic shopping bag. A Walmart shopping bag. Could I really lower myself any lower on the fashion scale than that?

And then to go traipsing down the road to my aunt’s house toting all my paraphernalia  out in public, in my oh-so-classy bags, for the whole world to see? (which yes, I also did) I’m really not sure what to say…

Except. I would do it again. I probably will actually.

Though, in the meantime, I might look into getting a cute bag to stick my stuffing in…

…and how much yarn would a person pack if they were going to the moon?



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