~little crochet elephant~

Introducing Winston- the little grey elephant.

And let me just say, he is one photogenic little guy.

IMAG0321-2Don’t you agree? Sometimes I think my little creations are cute in person, but I feel like I just can’t get a good picture of them. Of course, I always tell my little creations not to worry, it’s just evidence of my bad photo taking skills, and not a  poor reflection on their looks. ;-D However, I was pretty please with Winston’s photo shoot!



I think he looks a little like a mouse from the back…

Standing he measures about 6 1/4 inches tall, sitting he’s about 4 inches.

The pattern I use to make him is here  where you can get it for free. While I did followed the pattern mostly, I did do a few things a little different.

The few changes I made: I single crocheted all the way around the ears after  I finished crocheting them (I felt like it gave them a smoother, cleaner edge), and I used knotted yarn for the eyes instead of puffy paint like the pattern suggested. I also added the patches of fabric on the ears and feet as my little own touch.

Altogether, this was a nice, quick little project to do. If you decide to make one, I hope you enjoy it!



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