~pumpkin spice cupcakes~

My sister and I have been on a cupcake baking spree. We’re hoping to start a home business selling cupcakes locally, so we’ve been baking, baking, baking, trying out recipes, decorating, and taking pictures of the flavors we’re hoping to offer. Every time we’re together we make a couple dozen cupcakes (not good for the ol’ waistline) and so, in honor of it nearly being Autumn, we made Pumpkin Spice, with brown Sugar Frosting.


Let’s just say, they were delicious.

110_1132(3)And isn’t that an adorable fabric pumpkin?? (if I do say so myself! ;-D )


With their pumpkin-ney spice cake, and their light, brown sugar buttercream frosting,  I do believe this cupcakes are a favorite. And they have pumpkin in them, which is a fruit so that practically makes them healthy, right?!

Happy Almost Autumn Time!



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