~in the mountains~

We recently spent a week out towards the mountains visiting my sister and her husband. Our days were filled with thrift store shopping and antiquing,  putt putting, bowling, and river tubing, looking around little shops with handmade items, playing games, fires and s’mores, and eating lots of yummy food and laughing. We even got to watch an outdoor movie! (yep, never in my oh so long life, had I watched a movie on a giant screen outdoors. But now I have. My life is now completer)

I really didn’t take very many pictures. While I like to have pictures later, normally when I’m doing something and having a lot of fun, I don’t think to take pictures until after the fact.

oh well.

But here are a few pictures of some of the pretty sites we saw.

110_0982#2 110_0984#2 110_0986#2 110_0990#2 110_0993#2 110_1001#2 110_1005#2 110_1007#2 110_1012#2 110_1013#2 Okay, so, maybe it was a little more than a few pictures. 🙂

And last but not least…


..yes, that is a snail that I took a picture of. I met him as we were walking down a path on a mountain. Didn’t catch his name..he seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

I had a great time out there, ate waay too much food, but just the same, it’s always nice to come back home. 🙂


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