~july 4th~

Happy Day-After-4th-of-July!  Hope everyone’s July 4th’s were lovely!

Sometimes, all of a sudden on a holiday, I get the urge to bake and decorate something holiday-ish, but normally I’m busy cleaning, and getting the “real” food ready that I don’t have time, but this year, since we were having a potluck picnic, there wasn’t much preparation that I had to do, so I made sugar cookies.


And see? they’re even in the shape of a flag! Adorable! (sorry. just a little bit excited there)

In case you’re in doubt, they were delicious.


…and a couple more pictures just for good measure


The cookie recipe I used came from Here  and the icing is from Here


Can we just take a moment to admire the cuteness?

So, you’re asking, why are these cookies such a big deal to me?? I think it’s because I see things like this, fun, simple things to do to celebrate different holidays, but so often I get so caught up in going over-board with house cleaning and other things like that, that I don’t take the time to be creative and make a little something cute and festive. I see these cookies as a step in the right direction. Learning, (slowly, oh so slowly) to take a step back, leave the laundry in the baskets, and the house the way it is, and take time to do something special.

I had never done the smooth icing for cookies like this before, and while I stayed really simple, didn’t go off trying to do any pretty designs or anything, it was a lot of fun. I hope to experiment some more with it in the future.

Here are a few more pictures from our day (don’t worry, it’s not more cookie pictures. ;-D )


Happy Summer!



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